Watch – Virat Kohli took selfie with a Pakistani fan

Virat Kohli is easily the biggest icon in world cricket. Having numerous followers and devotees, he is one of the most respected and followed cricketer around the globe.

It’s like a dream for many fans to meet him, take selfies and autograph of him. Many incidents have happened during match when fans broke out into the field to meet and hug him. Recently a same incident happened during practice session.

On Wednesday, Kohli along with other Indian players reached UAE ahead of Asia Cup. After the practice session, when Virat Kohli was on his way to the bus, a fan came running towards Kohli to meet him. The fan claimed himself to be a Pakistani who lives in Lahore but just a few moments later, security guards stopped the fan from meeting Kohli.

At first Kohli didn’t focus on him but when the fan screamed that he has come all the way to take selfie with him then Virat Kohli let him come near him and took a selfie with the fan and showed a nice gesture. The fan name Mohammad Jabran , said that he will never forget this moment and commended Kohli for the kind gesture.

I am not a fan of anyone but Virat Kohli, for whom I have come from Pakistan hoping to get a picture clicked with him. I waited for an entire month for this so the moment he finished his practice and was about to go back to his hotel, I tried a lot. He is an amazing person besides being a fabulous cricketer. He listened to me and agreed to my request of getting the selfie clicked, the fan said.

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