Watch – Shakib Al Hasan shouts at umpire angrily in a BPL match

Shakib Al Hasan screamed at umpire during Bangladesh Premier League match.

Playing for Fortune Barishal, Bangladesh Test captain Shakib Al hasan was agitated when the on-field umpire did not signal for wide for a bouncer delivery. Shakib was seen in anger and started shouting at the umpire. He also marched towards the umpire and shared few words.

This is not the first case of Shakib Al Hasan messing up with the umpire. During Dhaka Premier League in 2021, Shakib was so angry at umpire’s decision that he uprooted the stumps at non-striker’s end and threw them on the ground.

However, he apologised after the incident by writing on his facebook page “I am extremely sorry for losing my temper and ruining the match for everyone and especially those who are watching from home. An experienced player like me should not have reacted that way but sometimes against all odds it happens unfortunately.”

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