Watch – Rohit Sharma asking journalist who started fake rumours on Chahal’s personal life

Rohit Sharma has been seen defending his players most of the times in interviews or on the field. On Friday, he did the same for Yuzvendra Chahal after the practice session.

Recently, there were lot of rumours going around that Yuzvendra Chahal is not happy with his relationship with his wife Dhanashree. After seeing one of Instagram story of Chahal in which it was mentioned “new life loading” fans started speculating that Chahal is thinking about divorce.

Moreover, Dhanashree Verma removed her ‘Chahal’ surname from her Instagram account which added fuel to the first and recently she had joined a party with Shreyas Iyer in which Chahal was not invited. Considering, fans started spreading rumours of deteriorating relation between the couple.

But on Friday, when Rohit Sharma and Yuzvendra Chahal were together during the practice session, Rohit asked a reporter who started fake rumours on Yuzvendra Chahal’s personal life in a funny way on which the reporter replied it was not him and the news was published by “Times of India”
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