Watch: Hilarious Video of Batsman forgets to wear Batting-Pads

A batter walking into the crease and then returning to the pavilion to wear one of his kits will certainly be one of the most hilarious events on the cricket field and such an incident happened in the UK village Cricket League.

The Village Cricket League is one of the crowd’s favorite events in the UK. Cricket is tough and serious sometimes but funny incidents also take place on the field as well and one such incident happened in this league recently.

During a match, a batter named Martin Hughes came to bat but forgot to put up his pads.

A fielder, standing in close range noticed this and told him. First, the batter didn’t take it seriously but later he realized that he had made a blunder and started running back towards the pavilion.

Matin is a player of Southend Civic Cricket Club. The video is posted by their own club’s Twitter handle. The video got huge responses on social media. And many shared their hilarious comments on this.

Here are some of the most interesting Twitter reactions:

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