Watch – Ball hit the ground’s roof but it was given a six

Big Bash League (BBL) witnessed an uncanny incident during one of their matches on Saturday.

During the clash between the Melbourne Stars and Melbourne Renegades on Saturday (January 14) witnessed the rarest of rare occurrence of the ball hitting the roof of the cricket stadium. Usually, the delivery is declared dead-ball but in this case it was different.

Melbourne Stars’s batter Joe Clarke tried to strike Renegades’ seamer Will Sutherland delivery towards the on-side but the ball got a leading edge and it went on to fly high in the sky and hit the artificial roof of the dockland stadium.

But As per the new rules introduced in Big Bash League, the shot was declared a six instead of a dead-ball. The ball could have fallen inside 30-yard circle or in the hands of a fielder if there was no roof but the new rule ruled out this possibility.

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