Watch – A young fan of Rohit Sharma gets emotional after meeting his idol

A fan got emotional after meeting his idol Rohit Sharma.

India will take on Sri Lanka in the first ODI on 10th January in Guwahati. Rohit Sharma will return in the series after recovering from an injury which he sustained during ODI series against Bangladesh and had to opt out of the test series against them.

Ahead of the first ODI, Rohit spoke in the press conference and said that “Firstly, it is not possible to play back-to-back matches. You need to give them (all format players) enough break. I definitely fall in that as well. We have three T20Is against New Zealand. We will see what happens after IPL. I have not decided to give up the format.”

While exiting from press-conference, Rohit met and greeted his fans who had come to the stadium to get a glimpse of him. One of the young fan got emotional and burst into tears after seeing Rohit. Rohit went to the young fan and consoled him by saying “Rone ka kya baat hai, chota bacha hai tu (Why are you crying, you are just a little boy),” said Rohit Sharma. He then proceeded to pull the cheeks of the fans saying, “Itne mote mote gaal hai tere (You have such fat cheeks).”

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