Ravindra Jadeja’s hilarious tweet on Manjrekar winning the internet

Ravindra Jadeja & Sanjay Manjrekar’s rivalry is one of the best and most entertaining one in cricket.

In 2019 World Cup, Sanjay Manjrekar called Ravindra Jadeja ‘bits & piece’ player since then rivalry started between these two. After Manjrekar’s remark, Jadeja replied to him in style on twitter by writing

“Still I have played twice the number of matches you have played and I m still playing. Learn to respect ppl who have achieved. I have heard enough of your verbal diarrhoea. @sanjaymanjrekar.”

During post match presentation after an Asia Cup 2022 match, Sanjay Manjrekar got a chance to interview Jadeja. While interviewing, Manjrekar first asked “You are okay to talk to me Jaddu, right.” After that both of them broke into laughter.

And yesterday we got to witness the rivalry between these two again but this time in a friendly manner. Jadeja tweeted “Watching my dear friend on screen  @sanjaymanjrekar.” by putting Manjrekar’s photo.
Manjrekar quoted that tweeted and answered
“Ha ha… and your dear friend looking forward to seeing you on the field soon.”

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