Ravi Ashwin comes up with a reply of Shastri’s suggestion on allowing fewer nations to play in Test Cricket

India spin star Ravichandran Ashwin has come up with his reaction to Ravi Shastri’s suggestion of just the top five-six teams in the world cricket ranking playing the test format.

Few days ago former Team India head coach Ravi Shastri had suggested, 10-12 teams cannot be playing the longest format of the game, as the quality and the competitiveness of the format will gradually decrease then. So in order to ensure that Test cricket’s glory remains intact, only the top five-six teams should play against each other in the purest format of the game.

Now Indian off spinner Ravi Ashwin came up with his view and shared his thoughts on this matter on his official YouTube channel.

In his youtube channel he has said that teams like Ireland should be given more opportunities to play test format so that they can improve.

Ashwin said that, when 3-4 nations play, teams like Ireland won’t get the opportunity to play the test format. But only when any team plays Test cricket, their first-class structure will get improved. And only then people will get more opportunities. That’s how cricket has shaped up according to the veteran spinner.
He added further that to strengthen first-class cricket Test cricket needs to be relevant in any country. If Test cricket is not relevant, people won’t play it with full interest.

He also shared an example of West Indies where First-class cricket is almost faded up and everything is based on T20 cricket. So their standard in Test cricket has come down drastically and hence world cricket results are going down. Since the 2016 T20 World Cup, the standard of their cricket did not go further. So the foundation of first-class cricket is really important according to one of the leading bowlers in the test format right now.

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