Kohli’s Coach, Rajkumar Sharma defends Virat and replies to Kapil Dev

The childhood coach of Virat Kohli, Rajkumar Sharma isn’t impressed with the statement of dropping Virat from the team and said he doesn’t support that.

The rough patch of Virat Kohli’s career has become a hot topic for the cricket world since the last 2 years. Virat couldn’t make a single century since 2019 though he has played over 100 innings all over in this time period. Recently, Kohli has failed to score runs in the important Edgbaston test as well as the 2nd T20I against England.

With the improved performance of youngstars a huge pressure is on the Indian star batsman. Many experts have put their opinion regarding this. Recently India’s first World Cup winning Captain suggested dropping Virat. He drew the example of Ravichandran Ashwin and said if Ashwin can be dropped in spite of being the World’s 2nd ranked bowler , why not Kohli.

Virat’s childhood coach Rajkumar Sharma has replied to Kapil’s Statement and told ANI that he doesn’t support Kapil’s statement. He said that he didn’t see any reason to pass such a big statement. Kohli has made 70 international centuries and has served Indian cricket for a very long term as a player and as a captain both .

There’s no need to hurry with him and he believed the Board won’t certainly bench him.
Eventually Kohli will get another chance to get back his form in the 3rd T20I. Though his performance in tests and ODIs is not under scanner till but with gradual improvement of batting of youngstars of India , some pressure will certainly be felt by the star batsman in the T20 squad.

India is going to participate in the T20 world cup in Australia at the end of October. If Kohli doesn’t get back his form before that, some hard decision can be taken by the selectors that would dishearten the millions of fans of Virat Kohli.

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