After 40 Overs ODI, Now Ravi Shastri wants two IPL seasons per year

India’s former coach and commentator Ravi Shastri predicted that we would witness two IPL seasons in a year.

The growing demand for IPL by television may lead to an extra IPL season in a year. The second IPL could be in shorter format like a World Cup with knockout that would decide the winner. Shastri said if the number of bilateral series be reduced then the possibility of two IPL seasons per year can arise.

Shastri also reckoned that the number of IPL teams may increase from 10 to 12 due to the increasing demand of IPL content and that would increase the duration of IPL from 1.5 months to 2 months.

Shastri further added that the growth of IPL is inevitable and it is profitable for the future of the sport, broadcasters, players and the people involved with it. IPL is an industry of its own.

Former coach also concluded that the increase in the duration of IPL per year will reduce the number of bilateral series and it will be helpful in making the World Cup more important. Few days ago, Shastri expressed that ODI format should be reduced to 40 overs. That proves that he is also in the favour of expansion of Indian Premier League.

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